3D - The Next Thing for iPhone/iPod

Hasbro Inc. is designing 3D binoculars that will be compatible with the iPhone and iPod.  These little puppies will be dubbed as “My3D” and  will open a 3D (Appley) universe!  iPhone and iPod users will be able to use the Apple store for My 3D apps and movies.  I wonder how fast app-makers will begin releasing 3D games and how extravagant they will get.  Personally, I'd be curious to see how good the quality would be. As someone that travels for work, I can imagine myself strapping these beauties on right before the plane took off, then putting on some sort of suspense or thriller movie and  twitching at every 3D detail that 'flew' into my face.  This might discourage others to talk to me while traveling, or perhaps it would encourage them to strike up a conversation about your new sexy-specs!  This could really be an interesting addition to one's everyday repertoire.

Available in Spring 2011, will you be getting a pair?  Or are you among those that think 3D is just another fad?

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