Favorite Website of the Week: Credit.com

I love reading about ways of improving your financial/credit health because I feel like as soon as we ’get’ all of the answers –the questions change. There is so much information out there, regardless of how much I read, I will always have more to learn. Credit.com is a site many of us are familiar with. It gives us the scoop and nothing but the scoop on credit cards, their offers, what credit ranges we need to apply to some of them and other credit related stuff. The site also provides its users with a credit report card.
The credit card report ranks you on an A-F scale and lets you know what is positively affecting your credit, or hurting it. Similar to sites, like CreditKarma.com and Quizzle.com, Credit.com asks you for your social security number. It then asks you a bunch of questions to ensure that YOU are really YOU. After you’re confirmed it pulls your information and nicely sums up your credit history.

All of these sites claim they do not hurt your credit and since I’ve been using some for years I can standby them, my credit is a little better than great and I’m all these sites. The best part about this site – which is the reason I first signed up for it, is that it guesstimates what your credit score is according to all FIVE (yes-I thought it was only three as well) credit unions.