Life Without the Web

Are you old enough to remember what cell phones were like when they had no internet? If you are – don’t fret because you think you’re old. I remember and I’m only 25 and as a woman, I don’t get older, I get better (as do you!)

I remember my first cell phone – Sprint Sanyo Something-Cool. It was September 2001 and I had gotten into enough fights with my older brother, and attempted to runaway – all because I wanted to use the phone (all the time). So my dad rewarded my toughness/geekness/desire for one…I barely texted…I mean why would I? I was a Sprint customer and the 1 person I spoke to the most, my cousin Glorisel, was also a sprint customer and we were BLESSED with PCS to PCS…ah! The good old days…

I used my phone as a phone – that’s it. That’s when a cell phone was only a cell phone. It didn’t have any sleek mirror-like surfaces to help me apply my lipstick, or real color! It didn’t have a camera – it was just a phone! I used it to call people and to wake me up in the morning because I had retired my sexy tiny Motorola beeper (it wasn’t the one that texted).

Life without the internet at the tips of my fingertips was cool. I wasn’t attached to my phone- I could leave home without it and NOT feel guilty. I would be able to go ‘MIA’ without feeling guilty and without my mother filing a police report. While I love the fact that my smart phone no longer only makes phone calls, and that I love it the same way I envision loving my first unborn child – it would not be this pivotal in my life without the internet.

My phone guides me – the same way a mentor does, via its GPS app. It influences so many of my daily activities – especially when getting dressed because the weather is at my fingertips. I can’t envision my world without it anymore, although one cool idea is thinking about what an iPhone would be without it’s app store…um, nothing. It would be nothing but a big ol’ screen.