WD TV Live Hub

So being a cutegeek living on my own,  I try to keep my apartment tech'ed out. Waiting for my own house, I can already envision the kind of REAL media center I would have in my living room that would definitely include a 60"+ TV (or a drop down projection screen) with surround sound in the walls and WD TV Live Hub. Western Digital created this small box that would make any media center complete. Going to WD TV Live Hub's Launch event, I was told about the Top 10 Things that makes this small box a must in anyone's living room (not in any order):

10. Includes 1TB of storage (that's 120 hours of HD Video)

9. It will become your central media server bring EVERYTHING to your TV including videos, pictures, music from any computer/laptop connected to your network or any other device connected via USB.

8. Number 9 includes IPAD!!

7. Bring your Netflix/Blockbuster to your TV without having to set up your account from your computer, but directly from your TV

6. It is full HD 1080p video compatible

5. Bring up YOUTUBE videos to your tv

4. Listen to your customized Pandora Radio Stations

3. Update your status, post on walls, comment on photos, UPLOAD to your account.... just in case: Facebook

2. Easily customize what you see as a background and how you navigate your screen (you even program your remote)

1. And because of the size, you can bring it anywhere.

After getting a demonstration, I was sold. On top of seeing all of the above in full force, it is being sold exclusively at Best Buy for only  $199 (1tb of memory with perks!!). You are able to "upgrade" by using a wired/wireless keyboard with it. And they definitely got extra stars when they even thought of turning off the WD light in front....

Readers, please stay put... have to do some re-wiring in my apartment (my younger sister moved in so I lost my office) so I can give you a review. But if you can't wait, I don't mind if you go to Best Buy TOMORROW (Oct 31) in your halloween gear and pick it up.