Girls Out Loud Episode 15: Twitter Infamy and No Money Back Guarantees

In Episode 15, Maya and Cristina discuss the earnings calls of the largest public tech companies including Google, Yahoo and most interestingly, Apple. While Steve Jobs contributed to the never-ending Google-Apple pissing match, the Apple stock suffered by consequence. The girls also discuss their never-ending Facebook obsession with the latest privacy breach and our endless Twitter shouts that seem to go ignored. In addition, we discuss the legal market and one student’s quest to get a refund for a degree that is not about to pay dividends.

Steve Jobs’ earnings call rant attracts more ire

Boston College 3L Asks for His Money Back; Hilarity Ensues

Fear and Loathing at the Wall Street Journal

It’s Not Just You: 71 Percent of Tweets Are Ignored

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*image by Flickr user tveskov

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