Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 Studio SeriesThe Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is a new series Microsoft rolled out in time for the holidays. The set has a "bold and sophisticated" selection of designs and colors, which really means 6 different patterns on the same mouse to choose from. The mouse I received to test drive is light pink with flowers, very girly. It's not something I would have chosen for myself, but it's not altogether unattractive either. First thing I noticed, before even unpacking, is that I like the click sound— I could feel and hear it through the package. Call me weird for differentiating between click sounds, but its kind of like a keyboard— the click sound could be sharp and loud, or dull and calm. This one has a nice, calm click sound that won't be too distracting in a quiet place. Out of the box, the mouse came with a Duracell battery (thanks, Microsoft!) which is supposed to last me 10 months, a couple of instruction manuals (really? For a mouse?), an installation CD, and its teeny USB dongle, which is has a very sci-fi name: the nano-transceiver. I have a Mac, and so did not open the CD, instead choosing to plug my USB dongle in and turn the mouse on— voila! It worked! I love Mac.

Some definite nice touches: the superb out of box experience with my computer, the cute little storage stow spot in the bottom of the mouse for my transceiver when I am on the go, and the selection of fun patterns (even if my pink flowers are not the most appealing choice for my personality— I think it calls too much attention to the idea that "this device is meant for GIRLY girls!" I prefer other fun, loud colors that just say "This device is meant for fun, loud people" instead.)

The new "BlueTrack" technology that's built in allows for mousing atop almost any surface, including wood, granite, and carpet. It also provides a wonderfully blinding blue light right into your eye when you switch your mouse on for the first time while holding it bottom side up in your hand. Not that I know that from experience, or anything. At $40, this is a stocking stuffer or other casual gift for the traveling worker bees in your life. Also, the different patterns give a great reason to buy the same gift for different folks— just vary the patterns and tell them about how the one you picked just suited their personality "perfectly!"