VTech LS6245— Your new "landline-like" phone!

pic of the VTech handsetMy friends came over my apartment last week and saw this VTech unit sitting in its base on a counter. They recoiled, then said to me in surprise, "You have a landline?" Friends, I do not. I don't actually know many folks my age who still do because, really, what's the point? (Other than in the case of an emergency in a power outage, but hopefully the remaining battery in my cell phone and laptop will enable me to use the internet to send a call someone's way.) The one funny quirk of only having a cell phone, however, is needing to carry it around with you in the house wherever you go, because if you get a call in one room while sitting in another, you can expect 42 worries voicemails from your mom when she can't reach you and doesn't know where you are. The VTech LS6245 solves that problem, and in a pretty sleek and elegant way! It's a beautifully designed cordless phone that has no raised buttons with a base station that has an etched dial pad and small screen for voicemail and menu options. It is Bluetooth enabled, and this is where the fun stuff comes in-- you can pair the base station with up to two cell phones as well as connect it to your landline (if you have one), thereby recreating the "phone-in-each-room" convenience that you had before you moved out of your folks' house. You can buy individual handsets and pair it to the base station (up to 12) and take calls from either of the three lines as they come in, anywhere in the house. Calls are first come, first served, so you won't be able to talk on your landline and your cell phone line at the same time. When you pick up the phone to make a call, you can choose which "phone" you want to make the call from. If you hold your cell phone in your hand at the same time, you will notice that it is making the call when you use the VTech device simultaneously. The wonders of Bluetooth, huh folks?

Handy little touches that I like include different ringtones you can set for each of the lines you have working with your system, the new school-esque touch screen controls (completely smooth device and base, nicely backlit touch buttons), the ease with which it paired with my cell phone, and the units convenience factor. One Sunday morning, for example, I heard the base station ringing while I had forgotten that I set my cell phone to silent! As a result, I did not miss the call I got from my friend in NYC that I don't get to catch up with often enough.

At $70 for the set, I would call this a solid buy for a couple with two cell phones between them and a multi-story home—the convenience factor of being able to extend the reach of your handsets is totally rad. It becomes even MORE of a value to a household with an actual landline plus the cell phones— you need phone devices anyway, they might as well be ones that connect with your cell phone, right? Definitely a recommended buy for the folks around the holidays— for $70, my mom and dad would love this idea!