Review: iLuv Flexi-Clear Case with stand for the iPad

Iluv Unfortunately I do not have an iPad though I have tested accessories on my friend’s and demo’d them in the store (I live 4 blocks away from the Apple Store…how can a city girl resist). Admittedly I am an accessories junkie; send me anything that makes my user experience better and more personable the better.

A while ago I received the iLuv Flexi-Clear Case with stand for the iPad in the pink color. The casing has a dot wave shape design and comes in black, blue, pink, and clear. It is tear proof and damage resistant made with a light-weight flexible material. I tried it out on my pal’s iPad and it was pretty simple to put on. The ports were pretty easy to access and and the case seems durable. I intend on doing a second review once I get an iPad since I will be buying the different patterns of the iLuv Flexi-Clear Case with stand for the iPad. The only thing I don’t think I would utilize is the stand that comes with it; simply because it’s not made to compute on…merely just a stand for your iPad.

This product is perfect for consumers like me that are extremely hard on their products. The iLuv Flexi-Clear Case with stand for your iPad retails for 29.99 and you can purchase is here.