Review: HP SW450 Digital Camera

This weekend I reviewed the HP SW450 Digital Camera. The HP camera features 12 megapixels and a 4X optical zoom. The SW450 included a blink detector, which would notify you if a person in the photo blinked and prompt you to retake it. There's also a smile detector which will automatically take a photo when a subject is smiling. The specs of the HP compare quite well to my current camera, the Nikon Coolpix S570 so I took a few photos with my Nikon and the HP camera to see which camera takes better quality photos. Both cameras were left on auto both times (mostly because I hate clicking extra settings buttons). Click to enlarge the photos for better inspection.

HP during the day Good color turn out.

Nikon during the day Color not as vibrant.

HP at night Camera focuses on tree, giving accurate color.

Nikon at night Camera tries to get everything in the photo, but leaves a white/blue overcast.

And then... there's video. While I could only capture this poor dog fighting against the outside on the HP, I thought you would enjoy it!

Overall, the only thing I care about with photos is good quality. I would have had to change the photo settings on iPhoto for the Nikon photos to have the same quality as the HP and that's an added step I don't want. While both cameras have similar pixelage, the HP clearly won this battle. It looks like I need a new camera...

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