Back to school review: chicboom Keychain Speaker by chicBuds

IMG_2590 Since it’s back to school time it got me thinking how different things were back in my day. This may date me but when I was in high school we didn’t have MP3 players or cell phones…just beepers and the discman/ walkman. If you wanted your friend to listen to your mix tape (yeah I said it) or CD at school you had this awkward moment of ear cooties with your friend…and forget about portable speakers because back then I wouldn’t say they were exactly that portable (at least the affordable ones). Who wants to put that in your backpack on top of all the books we had to carry (b/c we didn't have kindle back in 98')?

Leap forward to 2010...I was sitting in my condo and I got a package from chicBuds which is a company that specializes in fashion forward electronics. The first little thing that stood out was the chicboom Keychain Speaker and immediately thought teenagers + back to school = genius ( AND why didn't we have this when I was in HS school?!). In a world consumed of portable devices this seems like it would be ideal for any girl and it’s a key chain…how convenient and cool is that?! IMG_2581

The small cubed key chain speaker is just over an inch by inch  in size. The faux leopard fur is wrapped around the casing of the speaker and the heart shaped speaker grill is bordered with rhinestones. It comes in pink or blue casing and includes a 3.5mm jack cord. The chicboom has a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery and has a battery life of 4 hours before it needs to be recharged. Cutegeek consumers can either charge chicboom Keychain Speaker via your PC's USB port or an AC adaptor. The chicboom Keychain Speaker also has a power button located in the back and battery life indicator.IMG_2588

Truthfully I was a bit skeptical at first (obviously by my picture). I have reviewed allot of audio devices and chicboom Keychain Speaker aesthetically looked like it would deliver poor sound quality due to size. It was time for me to test out this little guy and see what it’s made of! I plugged it into the USB adaptor and charged away. After it was fully charged I simply plugged in my shuffle and cranked it up.


If that old saying great things come in small packages was true; I am here to report ladies that size doesn’t matter for the chicboom Keychain Speaker. It’s 2 watt amplified speaker was not only loud but clear as day with no distortion at all.IMG_2583

As usual I went on a mad hunt around the condo looking for anything with a 3.5mm jack I can stick this device into. I went to my blackberry first and tried it out…AGAIN superb sound quality. I then had an ingenious idea…I could use this for…wait for it…WORK!  Man I am a geek. Seriously I take notes weekly at our staff meeting with my livescribe and then listen back over the recording over and over and over again. It is so much easier to use a speaker and recap the notes then using earbuds (b/c anything in my ears seems intrusive).

Even though I am not into leopard print or the heart shape speaker with rhinestones; I was extremely impressed with the sound quality. It’s rare that you have an innovative product that is fashionable, hi-tech and delivers the sound quality of a larger product. The few things I suggest are that they have accessories made for the casing and more color options (for my queens:-)).

Personally, I have fallen in love with the chicboom Keychain Speaker! It retails for 24.99 and you can purchase it at chicboom Keychain Speaker.