Review: LG-E2350V 23” 1080p Widescreen LED Backlit Monitor

Although space is everything when you live in a big city, I didn’t think connecting a separate LED would make such a difference to my PC use at home. While I’m on the road I use a Lenovo T60 (not by choice, by obligation) – at home I have a Toshiba Satellite, and while the two are similar (they’re both laptops), I’m very much accustomed to using XP on my Lenovo and not Windows 7. At home I use my personal PC to blog, to mess around with my plethora of pictures, Facebook and sometimes music. What I just described is the life of a multitasking social networker. Connecting the LG LED to my laptop made my life seem a whole lot cooler – the colors are vivid and more vibrant due to the innovative LED back-lighting (5,000,000:1 Digital Contrast Ratio).
The glossy monitor is huge (in comparison to my other screens) and quickly transformed into my messaging board, as I set up the Dual Screens so that I could have my IMs and Facebook on one screen, while I worked and surfed (who still says that?) the web on the other. Another cool functionality that the monitor has is that you can set it up to have multiple screens, so while I used the Dual Screen option – you can actually split this screen into more than one, to create the same affect.

setting it up

After setting up my home office, I also used the LED to watch movies (in Cinema Mode of course – another perk), which in HD, because of its size, lets you forget you’re watching the movie on a computer monitor and instead gives you the full, in home theater feel (displays in 16:9 Wide). As someone who wears glasses, I also didn’t get a lot of glare from other lights in my room, so that was nice…many people don’t understand how annoying that can be, until you wear glasses.

The monitor didn’t come with a bunch of cords, varying in lengths (oh how I hate those!) – they were simple and clutter-free. The monitor goes great with my other black glossy appliances/gadgets in my room. The swivel stand (which I love saying, thanks to my Latina/Brooklyn accent) made the LED ideal for my desk because I could place it on two different levels, and still adjust it to optimize its viewing. The LED is very, very thin (less than an inch) and also mountable.

lonely...i am so lonely...

I honestly didn’t look at the directions – yet I know I can do more with the LED. I could connect it to my TV, stream movies, etc. It has 1 HDMI input. It has added 'umph to my room, to my computer desk and no longer makes me feel like a Flintstones using my old school laptop. I absolutely love it – the colors really do make life look better and it was very cheap.

If I had a netbook, I would not hesitate in connecting it to this LED as soon as I got home, because I am positive that I would get tired of thinking my life can only fit on 10’1 inches. This screen is 23’ – imagine everything you can have on your screen! I also connected a keyboard to my laptop to really give it the big PC feel. It was nice. It’s nice to spread your fingers out, the same way my thoughts splattered on both of my screens.

the different ports

The ‘green’ part of the LED comes in various ways – its form factors reduces CO2 emissions created while shipping, because it weights approximately 1/3 less than other similar models (it weight only 5.5 lbs), there was no halogen or mercury used in its construction (life’s good isn’t it) and it is also Energy Star rated – which guarantees some power savings (LG reports this can be up to 40%). It was one of LG’s first products to earn a pretty impressive award, through an independent third party – stamping it even darker with it being ‘earth friendly’. It met all of the IEEE 1680 environmental performance for consumer electronics criteria.

One of the downfalls of the monitor is that it doesn’t have built in speakers – so if you have a good set at home – don’t throw them out! It also doesn’t have a remote. It’s great for playing games, and while I am not an avid gamer, I’m sure these numbers will mean something to someone – the static contrast ratio is 1000:1 and the refresh rate is 60hz.

the end result

Ta-Da!!! Do you like the end result - I love my home office now :)

I recommend this LED for everyone – people that are tired of using laptops, who need to relax their eyes and actually view things at their eye-levels, for students with no space to have a pc and a TV, for professionals who work on massive spreadsheets who dread scrolling to the right, etc. Basically everyone – it’s very thin, extremely sexy, space and energy efficient and would look great in any room. The LED is competitively priced at $269. I would even jump the gun and say that this monitor deserves a couple of awards - like our Green Award and maybe others...I'll discuss with the other cute geeks and we'll decide. It's a winner in my eyes... Here’s some inside scoop: LG is continuing to improve their line of slim, energy efficient monitors – their new E60 model is ONLY 12 millimeters thick, or .47 inches thin if you asked me! It also weights less than 6 lbs! More details to come, once its officially released-shhh!