Back to School: HP Photosmart e-All-in-One Printer

HP went and did it again. Just when you thought you couldn't possibly keep packing funky new features into printers, they figured out a way to do it with the Photosmart e-All-in-One. I have seen printers with their own web apps (from HP), touchscreens (from HP again), and now, a whole e-printing functionality that assigns you and your printer a special email-- that way, you can send things straight to your printer at home by emailing that address no matter where you are, whenever! The functionality is called ePrint, and I can think of nothing handier when you're studying in a library and use a foreign machine to look up some research. If you find something handy, you can email it straight to your printer! You can even send email with attachments (like .jpgs, .pdfs, etc) straight to the dedicated address you get when you sign up for ePrint, and boom-- its all set and in your feeder tray when you need it.

The Photosmart e-All-in-One has a cute little touchscreen, which I don't find a particularly compelling addition to the printer, but as long as it works, it's fine for me. Setup was a breeze, as the instructions on the little screen coached me through the entire first time set-up process step by step, including the calibration of the cartridges and the wireless network setup. The photos I printed using the Photosmart were very clear and of a good quality-- certainly a noticeably greater quality than a second, equally new printer offering from HP, the Officejet 4500.

The Photosmart does copy, scan, and print, but no fax (but be honest...have you ever faxed something more than, say, once a year? Do you even have a landline? I don't. Electronic fax, guys. It's the future. Now.)

At $99 retail, the ePrint functionality alone puts this printer over the edge as a great buy for any current student, or really anybody who ever finds themselves working outside of their home or office, browsing on their mobile phones or iPads, and find themselves needing to print. HP has your back!