Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse

Say good-bye to the click wheel and hello to the capactive strip! Is it possible that Microsoft has improved the mouse? I always thought of mice as toilet paper they can't really get any better but Microsoft proved me wrong. The new Arc Touch Mouse is the first mouse I have seen with a touch strip in lieu of a click wheel, it is also the first mouse that flattens in order for you to take it with you as it will fit into your purse or pocket and it pops up for added comfort. The Arch Touch Mouse also features Microsofts BlueTrack technology which allows you to use the mouse on pretty much any surface. I have used Mice with BlueTrack technology before and they do not work on clear glass but do work on everything else.

The mouse is available for preorder now via, and for $69.95 and it will ship it early December. If you do not preorder it now you won't beable to buy one online or in stores until January 2011.