Brilliant Women in Technology: Meet Hannah Simone

I personally didn’t get to speak with or interview Hannah Simone as I was unable to attend the event (E3) where our CuteGeek representative met her. Which sort of sucks because after reading her answers and reading up on her she’s an amazing person. Would have been nice to have met her. But I got the second best thing, I got the task of writing up why she’s a Brilliant Women in Tech. Hannah Simone was born in London England and as lived all over the world. From Saudi Arabia to New Delhi India where she attended school and would help organize to benefits to help women and children with Aids. In 2006 she landed in Canada where she became a VJ for MuchMusic and in 2009 she became the host of WCG Utimate Gamer, whose second season starts August 19th 2010 on the SyFy Channel. Check local listings. I always wanted to say that…I guess I still haven’t said it and I just typed it.

We asked Hannah what her favorite video game was? She told us that she is fascinated with gaming and that she enjoyed old school games with her favorite game was Ms. Pacman. She went on to say Ms. Pacman was the pioneer for female in technology. I somewhat agree, I remember going to the arcades back in the 80’s early 90’s and seeing girls lined up at the Ms. Pacman machine. She inspired a lot of us believe it or not.

We should have asked her if she liked Dig Dugg and Q-Bert, I love playing Q-Bert on my PS3. Who doesn’t like Q-Bert but I agree Ms. Pacman kicked ass and was way better than regular old Pac Man.

We learned that Hannah loves her smartphone and can’t put it down, maybe that is because of Twitter which she said she is addicted too. Her twitter handle is @HannahSimone (ours is @cutegeek follow us too!!!).

We also asked her about the upcoming season of Ultimate Gamer. Ultimate Gamer is a reality show on SyFy where 12 guys and gals battle it out in real world challenges and games. The winner takes home a $100,000 prize and title of Ultimate Gamer.

When asked about the show, she told us that this year’s season is a lot more intense and she wouldn’t be surprised if a girl took home the $100,000 prize. When asked if she had a favorite she wouldn’t say. I don’t blame her.

So Hannah Simone is our latest Brilliant Women in Technology. She has helped many and with her hosting WCG Ultimate Gamer she is sure to inspire young ladies into technology and not just gaming.

Watch Hannah on Ultimate Gamer Season 2 which starts tomorrow on SyFy.