Design Your Own Eyewear

Ever thought of designing your own eye wear? Ever since Nike started allowing you to customize their sneakers, I always think of how i could add my own 'umph' to something. I wear glasses and some may say I look geeky or like a nerd, like it's a bad thing. I personally feel it adds a level of sophistication to how I look. I also say they make me look smart, but ultimately, I fell in love with black plastic framed glasses long before before Kenneth Cole made them sophisticated, and way before Jay Z made them cool to wear. Due to the fact that a pair of eyeglasses can make you or break you, I've never purchased a pair online. I go down the traditional route - where I go to a store, start pointing like an air traffic controller, and try them on, as I tilt my head in a thousand ways and pick up my hair to see how it would look with all my styles. This is the most important part to buying a pair of new ones if you asked me - it's all about the look, and how comfortable you feel in them. However, I have been alerted to a new website called, which will allow you to upload a picture of your face and you can superimpose different frames onto your face so that you can see how you'd look in them. This seems like a very cool 'on the go'-ish idea that would fit perfectly with my lifestyle, or anyone that's sometimes too busy during working hours to get something like this done.

Check them out - I am!