Wicked Audios Metallics

[singlepic id=40 w=320 h=240 float=right]Wicked Audio makes a lot of trendy, 'hip', audio products that add that extra umph some of us need while rocking out to our latest tunes. The latest and greated in Wicked's collection are their Metallics - which as the name suggest are their cute earbuds in metallic colors. I received a pink pair to try out and I liked them from the moment my eyes caught a glimpse. I immediately started wondering how much ‘better’ earbuds will have to get before they’re considered bad for us. I can't lie, I love having earbuds on. The freedom of being able to listen to my own music and sounds that bring me pleasure is just liberating - I love it. I really enjoyed trying these headphones out, they are pink (my new fav. color despite me not considering myself to be girly). I use them at work, on my commute to work (plane) and to work out. My least fav experience was working out – I’m not a gym buff so my working out plan only consists of running, but man, after a decent run, in the beautiful weather of southern Cali – my earbuds were soaked! It felt so yucky!! The worst was when I stopped, because then I started ‘gushing’, or glistening at a much faster pace than usual – so they definitely came off.

The earbuds were very comfortable to wear. They were especially comfortable because I was given 3 different sets of cushions to ensure I found the closest perfect fit. I liked them except after a while my ears started to itch. Don’t get all weirded out folks, it wasn’t an itch like a bug in my ear, but an itch like if my ears could stretch out, they would, so I would have to ‘let them breathe’ after rubbing them for a few.

They are also very affordable and look great – they are available for less than $10 in varying colors. Check them out here for more info: http://www.empirebrandsinc.com/wicked/metallics