Protect Your iPad

I tested three products designed to protect your iPad in various ways.  First I tried out the Speck Shield View, which sells for $24.95.  It comes in a 2 pack, and it’s supposed to stick to your iPad screen perfectly, protecting it from scratches and smudges.  Getting it on the iPad was fairly easy.  The product comes with instructions on how to get it on smoothly.  However, once I peeled the backing to expose the protective film, a couple bubbles showed up that I couldn’t remove.  Granted, they were just two small bubbles on the edges, but bubbles are still annoying.  I give it a B for application and an A- for preventing fingerprint smudges.


The second product I checked out was also from Speck – the Fitted fabric-wrapped hard shell case.  It gets an A for design in that it comes in 5 different fabric patterns, but I found placing the iPad in the fitted case difficult.  The frame did not perfectly snap in, and it took several minutes to get it on right.  Also, if you’re like me and you keep the iPad on its docking station, this case isn’t something you can keep on your iPad as it won’t fit in the docking station with the case on.  It’s also a little pricey at $49.95.


The best iPad protective carrying case I’ve come across so far is Case-mate’s The Express iPad Vertical Nylon Flip Case.  It’s made out of black ballistic nylon and it’s got a simple, practical design.  There are embedded magnets in the front flap screen to help keep your iPad secure.  At $34.99 it’s a good investment to help protect your iPad from scratches, dirt, and occasional spills.