Speck Fitted Kindle 2 Case

Dudes, if you've been reading my posts at all, you know I have kind of a thing for protective accessories. Call me crazy, but when you lay out a bunch of dough on a sweet electronic gadget, the last thing you want is scratches, cracks, or crashes to have their way with your darling machine. For this reason, I was intrigued to receive a Kindle Fitted case for my Kindle 2 in the mail from Speck-- its a hard case with two pieces that snap together, fitting perfectly over your Kindle and providing it with a hard plastic home.

For my Kindle 2, I had been using a Belkin soft zipper case, which I still love. The Speck hardshell is intriguing, however, for several reasons.

1) It's stylin! The back covers are SUPER cute. I have the white stripes pattern, but I think all of the options are really snazzy, and add a huge kick of style to an otherwise boring white Kindle.

2) It stays on the Kindle, whereas my soft cover zipper case was just a "holder." In this way, the case is more of an accessory for the actual machine, versus just being the means for transport.

You can see from the pictures I took that the case is pretty attractive. There is a noticeable, and for me, pretty significant downer-- it adds a load of heft to your machine! One of the hugely attractive features of a Kindle is how lightweight it is, making it easy to hold up for long periods of time. This case, when snapped on, made the Kindle feel significantly heavier! The Speck specs (hehe) list the case as a full 8 ounces! When your Kindle 2 is 10.2 ounces (I checked!), adding another 8 is no joke!

Coupled with the pretty steep price tag of $39.95, I would think hard about whether the looks, no matter how attractive they are, would be worth that kind of tradeoff. Think of your poor wrists!