Girls Out Loud Show #3: Where we do NOT melt in a pool of our own sweat

Hey guys! Referring, of course, to the now (unfortunately) infamous coverage of poor Mark Zuckerberg dissolving in a lake of his own sweat while being grilled on privacy issues during the D8 conference last week, Cristina and I talked about our sympathies (or not!) for the Facebook CEO... Did you guys hear about the change in data plan rates ATT announced, right in time for iPhone 4? What do YOU think of it?

I'm pretty sure the internet is not making us dumber as a collective whole...just a couple of us, maybe...

DUDES! This is too cool-- everyone on tv reads the same newspaper..and you GOTTA click thru to the other pics, its too funny to see!

We talk about a business called Chegg, like Netflix for textbooks...

Finally, ending on a high note here: USE YOUR BABY FOR CHORES!\

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