Celebrating The World Cup In Style

We will all soon be engulfed in the happenings of the international sporting event known to some as the World Cup - bring your jerseys out everyone!!! If you're interested in showing your true love for the sport, in good company, with some great tunes - Speakal.com has just launched an amazing product to do just that! Check out MiSoccer - literally - it's your soccer that'll rock your iPod/world :) It's design offers equal sound distribution so you can place this bad boy in the center of any room, because it will quickly grab their attention.

The iPod dock is guaranteed to deliver the best sounds, while providing the extra umph your soccer party needs. It also comes with a multi-function remote that controls its volume, bass and treble. Its 3.5mm Aux input jack connects to your TV, gaming consoles or other music sources. It is available in black, red or blue at Speakal.com for only $119.99.

This would be a great gift for any Dad's or Mom's that love soccer.

Soccer isn't as huge in the US as abroad, but as a Latina - I can totally see how one would boast about having this in their home.