Today is National Run Day

In honor of National Running Day - CuteGeek wants to show you some cool gadgets that'll help you complete your next workout :)

  1. Wicked Audio - for those interested in running in style, while maintaining the comfort of wearing sexy affordable ear-buds - here they are& they come in new metallic colors - $12.99 @

  2. iSkin: Duoband for iPod nano 5G - adjustable armband for all the germies who need their latest tunes to help them run - $39.99 @

  3. FINIS: Circuit Trainer - this timer provides the umph we all need when we think we want to give up! The timer motivates you by providing the necessary direction in completing successful circuit interval strength training. You can opt for workout ranging in one minute to 20 minute intervals, speakers and LCD make it easy to follow and it is very durable and lightweight which allows you to take it anywhere and everywhere! I haven't tried it but I want to! $129.99 @

Happy Running to all!