Welcome to CuteGeek.com Version 2.0

Welcome to CuteGeek.com 2.0 we have launched a brand new design and we hope it makes your experience on our site better! We have compressed the design, brought up the content and organized our sites content in a way that we hope will make it easier for you to find. In this post we want to point out a few features that CuteGeek.com 2.0 design has to offer. Please keep in mind that while CuteGeek.com version 2.0 works in every browser, it is best viewed in a browser that fully supports WebKit, such as Google Chrome and Safari. The new design was also designed in a way to support older browsers such as Internet Explorer 5, just keep in mind you will not experience CuteGeek.com 2.0 in all of its glory if you are using an older browser.

Let’s take a look at our header. Our logo is much smaller than before and we have brought the content up. Our Navigation and a search box are still in the general area and both are pretty self-explanatory, but if you look to the right of the search box you will see an icon with a downward facing arrow at the end.

When hovering over the icon a drop down menu will popup which will allow you to switch between our Teal and Pink theme. Try it out now, playing with that feature won't force you to leave this page or any CuteGeek.com page or post you are on, try it out don't be shy we will wait.

Waiting……….How cool is that? You probably also noticed “Blossom, Stubble Satin, Dots and Kitchen” those are five backgrounds we allow you to select, over time and during the holidays we may add more themes and backgrounds for a limited time. Something to keep in mind if you leave CuteGeek.com and return months later we will remember what color and background you last chose provided you do not delete your cookies and that background is still available. The site however defaults to the Teal color scheme with the Blossom background.

Let’s move down a little bit. Hmm, what is this ticker looking thing that keeps changing?

This ticker we call our Promo Slide. The Promo Slides will allow us to promote some of our most interesting reviews, pages and let us inform you of any cool contest and or deals that we may have going on.

Now let’s move over to the right, you will see some familiar icons, a videos section and Mayas Podcast. The Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube icons all lead to our fan pages and accounts at each site, our MySpace fan site is still in the works so pardon its appearance or lack there of. The orange button at the end is our RSS Feed button which links to our RSS Feed.

We also added a Podcast which will be hosted by Maya. The podcast is called “The Girls Out Loud” and Maya hopes to make it a weekly event!

Directly under we added a new Videos section, so you can have quick and easy access to our latest videos, every new video we post on CuteGeek.com.

Another feature that isn’t 100% new as it is available on the live site is our Meebo Bar. The Meebo bar allows you to easily share our content with your friends, via Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Yahoo and Email. You can even send them Instant Messages with links to our content via Meebo Chat, Facebook Chat, AIM, MySpace IM and Twitter.

With the Meebo Bar you can also easily Like us on Facebook and or Digg us on Digg! If you for some reason do not like the Meebo Bar there is a downward facing arrow that allows you to hide it. The meebo bar will remain hidden for as long as you want you can easily unhide it by clicking an upward facing arrow where the downward facing arrow use to be. This feature requires cookies for it to remain hidden so as long as you keep your cookies then you shouldn’t have a problem.

Meebo nor CuteGeek.com will know your passwords for any of the mediums you use.

If you want to visit CuteGeek.com on your iPhone, android powered device or any mobile device for that matter CuteGeek.com will appear in a mobile format specifically designed for your device.

We have also added Facebook connect to CuteGeek.com, this will allow you to post in our comments section without having to register. Once logged in you remain logged in until you logout of Facebook. Again we will not know your Facebook password if you use this feature.

We really hopes you enjoy our new layout and feel free to leave us any comments, and if you notice any bugs please let us know. Thank you!