Pantech Breeze II for at&t Review

Last week, I received the Pantech Breeze II. At first, I thought this phone was more like a joke. A high school senior with this phone? Yeah, I didn't see that happening. But to my surprise I actually grew fond of the Breeze II and all the features on it. The Pantech Breeze II has a display of three icons right on the front cover; they light up when you either have a message, phone call, or you're battery is being charged (it changes from red to green. Green is fully charged). I thought this feature was one of the best because you can just look down to see what messages you have or if your battery is about to die without even opening the phone.

There are also three shortcut buttons which definitely come in handy. You can assign a shortcut from speed dial to calculator to notepad. It helps to assign shortcuts you often use like the calendar and notepad for when you're busy body like me and have a hectic schedule. The shortcuts are a lot faster than going to Menu, then looking for the category, then look for the application. It's right at your fingertips.

Speaking of applications, the Pantech Breeze II can run over three applications at once. How awesome is that? When you exit an application like a game or the internet browser you can choose to actually exit or just push the app. to the background. This lets you keep whatever you are doing out of sight until you open it again, just like the tabs on your internet browser on your PC. The iPhone can’t even do that!

The phone has so many different applications that really spice up the phone. For example, the Pantech Breeze II has AT&T music. You can shop for music, listen to AT&T radio, search music videos, and even make your own tones! It also has Yellow Pages and GPS applications. This phone really keeps you connected to everything you need. Oh and you can Email and IM too.

The Pantech Breeze II also has this cool feature in Messaging. It allows you to keep messages from your contacts all in one conversation this feature is known as threaded conversations. No more wondering where to look for that text message your boyfriend or mother sent you an hour ago. The Pantech Breeze II will keep everything you have sent and received by your contact in "IM CHAT" like conversation.

Oh before I forget it also has a built in 1.3 megapixel camera that does both Video and Still images. The quality is pretty good just check out the picture I took of myself below.

That's me and my friend Cianell (I'm on the right) aren’t we cute?

I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover, or in this case a phone by its size or appearance. I would recommend this phone to anybody who needs or wants a phone.

The Pantech Breeze II is available in at&t wireless stores and on their website at for $19.99 with a 2 year contract.