Just got the Pantech Breeze II

Walking up to my door after school today, I was happily greeted by a box that contained the brand new Pantech Breeze II for AT&T Wireless. At first glance, the Pantech Breeze II didn’t excite me as it normally wouldn’t be a phone that I would buy for myself. But because this just so happens to be the first phone I have received for review I'm very EXCITED to use the phone and bring you a great review! So far, if I had to recommend this phone to anyone, it would have to be my grandparents as the phone has big buttons and items on the screen appear big, so it’s great for someone who is visually impaired or a younger cousin who is just getting their first phone.

I should have all the goods on the Pantech Breeze II in a week! So definitely check back soon! Until then you can get more information on the Pantech Breeze II by clicking here.