Speck PixelSleeve Plus iPad Case

After nearly a year of rumor-milling, gossip-mongering, and speculation galore, the iPad debuted to a round of applause (and many an amusing joke about Boston accents.) If you’re one of the early adopting crowd that has in their possession, or are about to procure, a magical iPad for yourself, you’ve likely has a nightmare (or, at least, a bad daydream) about dropping that baby on the concrete or scratching it up when carrying it in your bag from place to place. If you were in the Apple store looking for a case and were kind of disappointed with either their lack of stock (or the rate at which they seem to be selling it out) or the lack of a cute selection, I wanted to add an option to the pot that I think is pretty sweet.

Speck, maker of the popular candy hardshell covers for Macbooks (and iPhones, and iPads too now) has an iPad case in their product line that I think is tops. The Speck PixelSleeve Plus is a cute and protective case that the iPad zips into, and a handle for slick portability.

The case is made of stretchy neoprene, and the inside has a flexible and reinforced layer to protect your baby from scratches or other mishaps.  While I didn’t imagine I would need a handle for an iPad holder, its surprisingly convenient in moments of transport. Rather than grabbing the whole unit in two fingers and risk it slipping out of your hands, the handle makes movement of the entire thing pretty darn easy. That sounds trivial, but since the iPad is so gosh darned (and disappointingly) heavy, that extra handling ability really plays a solid role.

The case is a $39.95 investment, which can seem steep for a case. On the other hand, when you consider the cost of your iPad and the likely diagnosis of FanBoy/Girl that you have, $40 is worth it to protect your little piece of preshus.