iSkin ProTouch Keyboard Cover

I work at a tech startup in Silicon Valley, and one of the perks of the office is that dogs get to visit. If you know me at all, you know that I am absolutely nutso about dogs—I will talk to them, I will stop and meet every one I see on the street, and I would happily spend every waking moment nuzzling one (or two, or five.) The one place I do not appreciate evidence of a dog, however…on my keyboard!

Dust, dog hair, remnants of food and other random smudges—don’t you hate when you have to nearly floss your keyboard periodically to get rid of all that gunk? Well then you’ll enjoy this little doo-dad.

iSkin makes a pretty cool keyboard protector that fits like a glove over your keyboard (I have a Macbook) and comes in a couple cute patterns. The silicone cover makes the feeling of typing nice and squishy, which cuts down on the key-bang sound (and I am sometimes a banger.) Its really fun looking, too, and several co-workers have already performed double-takes when glancing at my Macbook because of the fun new design on the keys…the silicone is so flush with the actual shape of the keyboard, its pretty hard to tell you’ve overlaid a cover at first glance. I can dig that!

At $25 the cover is priced accordingly with the entire universe of Apple accessories—kinda steep at first thought, but reasonable when you consider how long you can use it for and the utility it provides. 2 thumbs up for no more fur between my keys!