Review/Your Invitation to Pleasure: We-Vibe II ™

I bet you read that twice – you should have. I did. But that’s exactly what I was ‘greeted’ with when I received the new and improved We-Vibe II ™. It almost looked like a wedding invitation and all I could do was say “Awwww” because it was so cute, yet at the same time, I sat up a little straighter, adjusted my posture, crossed my legs, and flipped my hair a bit because it was very, very, sexy.


Interesting concept right – some seductive font and great paper quality made me feel sexy and made me want to be sexier. Imagine how I felt when I actually saw the product. Confused.

That’s the feeling. What the ??? How the ??? With who??? How again ???

It was simple to figure out though. The We-Vibe II ™ is made from 100% medical grade silicone so it felt super nice and soft, like the handle of my favorite hairbrush. I stared at it a bit, rubbed it, felt every little rib or indention and thought – alrighty then, this will be fun.


I didn’t say that, but if I did, I could assure you that it would’ve been with a sarcastic tone.


These kind of reviews take a little longer to produce because you can’t just ‘review’ it anywhere, or at anytime. There’s a lot of prep work involved. That’s all I’ll say.

IMG_0858 (This is how you turn it on…by pressing down on the top, thicker piece, and to turn it off you hold it down…you also can press to move to one of the nine tones)

Back to the product…

It’s purple with a glossy finish (go Lakers, go Barney – sharing is caring, etc…), weights only 2 oz, has a heavy-metal FREE rechargeable battery (it’s almost impossible to see the hole where you charge it – but it’s there. I promise) and comes with a beautiful lilac satin pouch for your convenient carrying. I would personally like a hard case, like those cases they may for GPS’s but the satin gives it that extra umph (here we go, feeling a tad bit sexier).


Instead of creating a ripple effect in the adult toy industry, it’s caused tsunami – winning awards across the globe, gaining recognition from all forms of the media (Oprah, Cosmo & the world’s sexpert Sue Johanson)…it’s amazing and receives my thumbs up.

IMG_0861 IMG_0860

The We-Vibe II ™ was created by a lovely Canadian couple - go Canada! I love you all a bit more now! It was the world’s FIRST dual (clitoral and g-spot) stimulation vibrator that could be worn while making love. The concept makes you do the Scooby Doo – huh?!? But it is real. I’m sure a lot of trial and error went into this masterpiece but while all the research and practicing to make this perfect was going on – do you know who else they thought about?? Our planet!


This product is super eco-friendly. The makers ‘believe in having a positive effect on the environment both inside and outside of the bedroom”. They are a carbon neutral manufacturer and use water based pigments, recyclable materials and ultimately – what this means to us is that this product is very high in quality, and will last a very long time.

The We-Vibe II™ has nine pleasurable play modes – low, high, throb, wave, pulse, ramp, tease, ascend and cha-cha (for you the Latin dancers or lovers – jk!). It can be used for about 2 hours (non-stop) or be on standby for up to 60 days. For those that know what this means it is <50 dB and its frequency is 50-80Hz. It is water resistant, requires no hands, is extremely flexible and easy to wear and also very comfortable (it may not seem like it is, but it contours to your body and the connecting piece between the two vibrators is actually a lot thinner than you may assume) and contains 2 ultra powerful motors.


I enjoy (notice no –ed) this product very much and so does my partner. It was a unique experience, so start training your mind to be a tad bit more open, it is not your traditional sex toy – but what the heck, aren’t we in a ‘We believe in change” state of mind – thanks Obama!

I recommend this gadget to everyone, couples and singles alike. It requires minimal thinking which is the best, doesn’t ‘feel’ intimidating in any sense, is intuitive to use, extremely easy to clean, a nice ‘different’ shape – different enough to not feel weird when traveling with it in your carry on, and more than one person can enjoy it at the same time.

Ladies and gentlemen (I hope you’re reading this too) – meet the Mercedes of Sex Toys – I say Mercedes because of the quality behind this product. You think Mercedes, and probably think sexy, sophisticated & a great ride…I think of the We-Vibe II™ and think “you’re damn right we vibing!” – I’m half-way kidding, but I also think of it being sexy, sophisticated & a great ride.

Prices vary amongst retailers but the We-Vibe II™ is available all over the world, online and in stores and the average price (which may change) is about $100. I have gone into many stores where this item is sold out, so order online if you’d like to save some time.

I think this would be the best gift to give a mom – or a dad – or a non-parent any day of the year! In the case that I haven’t already convinced you of how awesome this is – and want to hear and see me say it - watch this short video...

You can also watch their official instructional demo. You can purchase a We-Vibe at

The We-Vibe II™ receives Cute Geek’s 5 Diamond Award and also our Green Award for the many ways they show their commitment to our planet.