Review: NOVOPHONE Retro Handset

I was asked to review this retro Novophone Retro Handset for cutegeek and I at first laughed at the image. Imagine walking down the streets of San Francisco with this phone plugged into your cell phone. How many strange looks would you get?  I decided the best way to test this out would be to take it to my friend Jeff’s BBQ and have all my iPhone pals try it out…and per the pictures they got a kick out of it.

IMG_2305Though it is a tad clunky (time to bust out the big purses ladies) it is a novelty and a great conversation piece. The Novophone Retro Handset is designed to have clearer sounding calls plus reduce exposure to direct cell phone radiation.

IMG_2303It also includes an Answer/End and there are a multitude of adapters available. The Novophone Retro Handset comes in Red Black and Blue and retails for around $27.95 (you can buy it here).