Review: Favorite Facebook Game App- Platinum Life

When my friends and family started playing farm town on Facebook I made fun of them (sorry guys!). I already own a dog and had a garden in Texas. There is no need for me to have a virtual farm nagging me about harvesting and animals. I vowed I would NEVER play one of the Facebook games till I had a demo for Platinum life in Beta. It’s a hip hop game on Facebook that let’s you battle it out as either a DJ, Rapper or Singer. I haven’t been to hip hop class in a while so Platinum Life in Beta seemed to fill the void. You can dress up your character, battle friends or other players, and play different venues. I decided to be a rapper because I secretly think I should have been a rapper in my younger life (my fake name was Fast Forward). I think there are still a few glitches because I dressed my character up and it didn’t take…still though the game is addictive if you have nothing to do besides look for a job:-). The only thing that annoys me is the “juice level.”

Me: “Dang it I need more juice…”

Marco: “What the heck is juice…”

Me: (Unresponsive and annoyed)

Marco: “What is this juice you talk about?”

I looked over at him in a heated moment of frustration (plus in the middle of critical stages in the game) and in my head I thought:

“I invited you to play this game and you still haven’t accepted my invite! I am not telling you what juice is and furthermore your farm town sucks! HAHA!”

I didn’t say this out loud though I am guessing he will be reading this shortly. Opps!

Anyhow juice is how you get more playing time and points. I think the more time you accrue the more points you get. I have no idea how to get more juice (besides purchasing it…um NO!). All I know is I am at level 13, though I think you can go all the way to level 40…I mean I have a social life so I hope I don’t get that high…Then again I have only been playing it a week and up to level 13. If your into testing out a beta version of Platinum Life and want to live out your inner hip hop side check it out. Just try and battle me…