Review: Pogo Stylus for your iPhone

product_pogo_4up When I found out I would be getting a new review for cutegeek I wrote on my Facebook that I was getting a Pogo Stylus for iPhones. My cousin then commented on my status…

Cousin: I miss my Pogoball...

My reply: Man I wish someone would send me that to review...with a counter of how long I could go...genius!

Cousin: counters...geez, you're SO digital!

I know my cousin was probably being sarcastic but he made a good point. Every day I am always thinking of technology and how I can make something not digital into a digital product. Is there a flower pot that has a digital reminder so you don’t kill you plants? If not I should patent this! OR is there a waterproof blue tooth headset that you can use in the shower/ swimming/ rain for those times when you are on eternal hold or boring conference calls and need to multi-task yet not say a word?

IMG_2286Back to the review of the Pogo Stylus

I again hung out with Aziz with Cabana Networks to test out the Pogo Stylus on his iPhone. I unboxed it and snapped on the clip that holds the stylus on the iPhone. It was pretty easy to put on and seems like it would not scratch the iPhone. I also tried it on his iPad and just starting writing my name in cursive…Ten times better looking then when I used my finger. When I got home I tested the Pogo Stylus on my HP TouchSmart and it worked so much better than using my finger which looks like a 4 year old child wrote it. IMG_2294

The tip's material gives it the ability to function with iPhone's multi-touch display. The tip glides over the surface of the display to give it the ability to sketch, draw characters, and slide to unlock. Its intent is to function like fingertip so that it moves easily through the touch interface.

Another great thing about the tip is it’s meant to keep the screen's glass surface scratch and smudge-free. The stylus is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy with an anodized finish in four different colors (black, gunmetal, silver, or hot pink). IMG_2295

All in all I liked the Pogo Stylus and will continue to use it on my HP TouchSmart to write sticky notes even though it’s made for the iPhone. The one thing I recommend for this product is an adjustable clip for other touch technology devices. It retails for $14.95 and you can purchase it here!