Review: iSkin solo FX Pink Special Edition and Green Case for iPhones.

iskin-solo-for-iphone-3g I think I am the last person on the planet that doesn’t have an iPhone and I have no idea what I am waiting for…Oh I know a day job:-). I asked all my iPhone friends if I could test the iSkin solo SE/ solo FX out on theirs and my friend Aziz from Cabana Networks kindly volunteered. Aziz also has an iPad so stay tuned for a review on the iPad and the accessories that I have been receiving.


The iSkin solo SE /solo FX is made from a material that looks and protects like a hard case however it feels like a soft case. The material was created to be heat and cold resistant, features shock and impact qualities, and cleans with ease (per the website). I quickly unboxed it and put it on his iPhone. Seemed easy enough and you can access all the ports which is great as some of the one’s I have seen you have to adjust the phone and case to access them. I also liked the look of the case and the brilliance of the colors. 

I then asked Aziz what he thought and he actually doesn’t use a case because unlike myself he isn’t hard on consumer goods. Plus unlike some of us women who just throw it in their purse items like this can sometimes catch while in a dude’s pockets due to the material.  This made me wonder if women use cases more then men due to the pocket factor.    


IMG_2291IMG_2290The iSkin solo SE /solo FX fits the iPhone 3G/3GS models with a pretty light weight and thin casing. It also comes with a screen protector which is something I should be using as I am constantly scratching my phone screen. The solo FX/ solo SE is made with Microban® antimicrobial protection to help with stain and odor causing bacteria on your iPhone.

The solo FX retails for $32.99 (comes in Lush, Vive, Sunset, Breeze, or Passion) and the solo FX SE from $34.99 (comes in Ice, Cosmo, or Onyx).