Review: Chicbuds Retractable White Earbuds with Pink Swarvoski Crystals!

chicbud One day my un-boss/editor emailed me and said your going to get a box from a company called chicbuds. By now I realize I am the audio review cutegeek guru because I tend to keep getting speakers, ear buds, or headphones lately. So in a couple days my concierge emails me saying there is a package for me. I love mystery packages!! I ran down stairs and opened the box in the elevator like a kid on Christmas. Whoa! Pink Swarvoski ear buds and 4 more other fun products to test out from chicbuds. I got 3 different earbuds to test but my favorite ones were the ones with Swarvoski pink crystals in white that matched my shuffle (stay tuned for the other 2 earbud reviews as they are a different earbud styles). Initially I was thinking great I know these will fall off in a matter of days because we all know I am harsh on consumer goods. However like a girly geek I love Swarvoski and use to go window shopping there...when I had a day job that is. IMG_2240

What I liked about these chicbuds besides the Swarovoski crystals was that they fit my ears so I didn't have to any earbud trauma like I do the silicon padded ones. Also being the feisty cancer that I am I will throw a fit when my wires get tangled. They come with a 3.5 mm jack so perfect for your iPhone, Smart phone, MP3 players and PCs. They also come with a retractable feature that eliminates (my) tangle drama. The crystals come in Blueberry, Grape, Watermelon, Sour Apple and Marshmallow and the headsets either come in white or black, perfect for every girls personalization.

As you can see in the picture (after I un-boxed them) the crystals are on the earbuds themselves and also on the retractable device. I have to be honest I kind of messed up at first and just pulled one side of the cords. Duh Nina, next time read the instructions (though I think its hilarious I had to read instructions for earbuds). Once I figured out to use them I was on my way to walk around the city.

I walk out my condo to torrential rain and wind...(dang it) but this is a good test to see if the Swarovski rhinestones holds up to water and earbuds hold up to the wind. I am happy to report after walking 2 hours in the rain they held up to the Nina challenge. I would like to point out it is rare for products to hold up to my consumer needs so great job chicbuds!


One thing I need to communicate to our readers is that the chicbuds sound quality is great however it's just not the loud bass I am used to (though I have been told I listen to my earbuds way to loud). Also if you’re a runner like I pretend to be the retractable device bounces just a tad (not enough to detour me from wearing them but enough for me to notice). To be fair though I know I looked cute running with them and a few folks commented and checked them out...haha free publicity for the chicbuds. The chicbuds retail for $39.00 & recommend these for all my fashionista girls out. If you want to look good on the go and hate tangles like I do get the chicbuds!  Readers can buy them here and stay tuned for further reviews from chicbuds.