Review: Callpod a Chargepod for your portable devices!!


I am one of the worst people when it comes to charging my consumer devices.  I am dumb founded each time my devices run out of batteries as if they are all the energizer bunny that keeps going...and going...and going... I think the reason this always happens to me is due to the fact I have so many different plugs for so many different electronics.

Alas the nice people at Callpod sent me the Chargepod which charges up to six different devices with one outlet you can plug into either your car via an input charge power or an input AC electrical power outlet. I unboxed it in my car because I thought it would be more fun!

IMG_2263I unboxed Chargepod and enclosed were 3 adaptors and they plus sent me two separate ones to try out well. Also with the set you get a free coupon to send in for an extra adaptor. NICE!

Normally while in my car I run out of battery life so I definitely wanted to test the Chargepod in my car first. I tried my devices I had like my Motorola Endeaver HX1, PSP, HP Glisten, shuffle, and my Webbie (which didn’t indicate if it will charge but I was curious). The plug fit but unfortunately my Webbie is on the dying front so I can’t confirm or deny if it actually worked however the rest of the devices were fully charged.

DSC00130 I then tested it using the AC jack at home and plugged it into my PSP, The Motorola Endeavor HX1, HP Glisten, and my Canon Power Shot. Though it doesn’t indicate it can charge a digital camera it completely worked for my Canon Power Shot! Unfortunately I didn’t have an iPhone to test this out on, only my lil’ shuffle, but regardless this Chargepod is amazing. We love taking road trips and this Chargepod is perfect for all your road trippers out there! I am curious to see how this works flying and may do another review once I fly again. If you have several devices and always on the go I suggest to get the CallPod Chargepod. IT ROCKS!

See their website Demo video here and the specs below. It retails for around 39.95 and you can buy it here! This may now be my new best friend of gadgets to date…besides my Joby.


Input AC Power 10V - 240V Frequency 50 - 60 Hz

Input Charge Power 6V DC - 3 Amps

Output Charge Power 6 Ports with charging capabilities of 500mA each

LED Indicator Green/Red Power LED + 6 Blue Connector LEDs