Random Googling Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler With the iPad

Boyfriend: I want an iPad. Me: Why?

Boyfriend: So we can randomly Google at our coffee table.

Me: [Bewildered look on my face.]

After that conversation, we ended up at Best Buy because, according to Twitter, Best Buys across Southern California had not yet sold out of the iPad it’s first day out in the market.  Well, those folks on Twitter were wrong, so we marched over to the Apple store on the next block and waited in line (with only one person ahead of us).  When my boyfriend told the sales person he wanted an iPad, he opened the back door to grab one, and I caught a glimpse of a stack of iPads waiting to be bought.  “Hmm…” I thought, “Doesn’t look like this thing will take off.”

As you can tell, I wasn’t all that excited about an iPad being brought into the house.  However, I must admit, I did want to try it out because I enjoy playing with the newest gadgets just like every Cutegeek.  Once I got my hands on it my opinion changed…THIS THING IS THE COOLEST NEW GADGET EVER!

What do I like most about it?

1. It just looks cool!  The screen resolution is amazing.  Colors are vivid and the screen is just the right size to view websites and programs.

2. The apps are great!  I’m a subscriber to the Wall Street Journal, but I rarely take the time to actually open the paper to read it since I have it delivered to my office.  By the time I’m in the office, I’m too crazed to take some down time to read the paper.  However, there’s a Wall Street Journal iPad app that gives subscribers the whole paper.  The format is easy to follow and now, I can enjoy my Wall Street Journal in the morning at the table while sipping my tea.

3. The apps are great! (Did I mention that already?)  There’s another great app from Epicurious that pulls recipes from various sites like Bon Appetit.  You can set up your iPad in the kitchen while you’re cooking and easily access these recipes.  It also let’s you create a shopping list based on the ingredients in the recipe you’ve selected…and so much more.  Now, I’ll admit, I don’t cook, but it seemed pretty cool when my boyfriend was showing me the app.  He’s the cook…I’m the dishwasher.

4. It’s more than just a random Googler.  We’ve set it up on top of our entertainment center and downloaded the Pandora app so it plays music.  It’s connected to our speakers and it sounds great!  You can also download photos to the iPad and have it run a slideshow of your photo album while it sits idle.

Is there anything I don’t like about the iPad?  It definitely doesn’t beat the Kindle when it comes to a reading device.  The screen is too glossy making it harder to read black and white text.  It’s also not as easy to hold as a Kindle.  I’ve also noticed that the Internet connection seems to run much slower on the iPad than the PCs and Mac in our household – and they’re all running on the same FIOS connection.  Finally, while I love the Wall Street Journal app, it has some glitches where it sometimes freezes for a bit and doesn’t recognize that I’m signed is as a subscriber.  Closing the app and opening it again seems to do the trick.

photo (2)At this point, you might be asking yourself, “If the iPad is so cool, why didn’t it sell out?”  I actually think it’s because people don’t know about all the cool things you can use the iPad for.  It’s not just about random Googling for lazy people who don’t want to get up off their couch.  I saw a TV ad for it last night and it just flipped through various programs and apps with cool music in the background.  Now that might interest someone who’s into getting their hands on the newest gadget, but what about the busy business person who wants to read the latest news first thing in the morning or the budding chef who would find it handy to be able to search for various recipes right in the kitchen? The iPad adds a level of convenience to things you would normally have done on your computer, but it also changes the way we do many things – from playing music at home to making chicken mole with cilantro.  Now that my opinion of it has changed, I might have to go out and get a second one for myself because we’ve been fighting over it every morning!

GeneralCecilia Daclan