Favorite Website of the Week: CheapChicas.com

The CheapChica's Guide to Style is a site I visit on a periodic basis and the reason I do so is because it gives me the 'umph' I need when it comes to fashion.

I'm unique in the sense that I wear what I like, regardless of who is wearing it, what's in, what's not, etc...

There are times when I think to myself 'damn, i dont watch tv, buy fashion mags, or follow the lives of stars - how the hell am i supposed to know how to look like a hot momma??' - this is the answer... This site lets me know what new trends are out there, which is nice, because 'you don't know, what you don't know'. The besttttttttttttt part of it is that it gives you price comparisons and links to tons of other great sites that get you a bang for your buck (including special coupons).

Lilliana Vazquez is the beautiful Latina genius behind this site - check it out...we will have more info. on her too - shortly!!! She's one of our upcoming Brilliant Women in Tech thanks to the way she uses tech to exhibit her passion in fashion...