Web Wednesday: Google Reader Play

I'm not quite sure when they enacted it, and I'm pretty surprised that more people (or at least what I have read and seen online) haven't talked about it: Google Reader...Play! Okay, for those of you where are also new to Google Reader, it's basically another RSS feed for all of your favorite sites. Instead of visiting 10 different places, it pulls the latest articles for your perusal. The other interesting thing about Google Reader is that you can share articles that you enjoy with your select friends on Google.

I love Google Reader for catching up on all the latest pieces on the Web...but, as it usually tends to go, I ended up overpopulating my Google Reader with TONS of different blogs. One day, I noticed this message:

Google Reader Play is a fun way to browse interesting stuff on the web. Give it a try!

When I clicked on it, this is what I saw:

Google Reader

Although there are still some kinks to work out, I enjoy using it (especially when I don't have tons of time in my day and night).  As you can see, Google Reader Play pulls some of the trending articles, pictures, links and more.  I'm not quite sure where the algorithm comes from, but so far I've found some pretty fun things.

It isn't without problems.  For example, once you scroll through all of them Google Reader Play runs out of recommendations.  So sad.  Of course, this is remedied when you wait and peruse it again the next day.  Also, Google Reader Play can also get a little redundant.

Even though it's not perfect, it's something I'd definitely recommend checking out.  I'm curious though...what RSS feeders to you cute geeks use out there...or do you get them straight to email?

The Internet is a big place. There are so many sites to read, widgets to play with, and viral videos to watch. In the midst of all the trending topics and links being sent around, sometimes there are those little tidbits on the Internet that go unnoticed. Have something to share? Drop me a line at Shay@cutegeek.com!