Review: I love my new Joby Gorillapod

JOBY As you all know I take a ton of pictures and video's for cutegeek. I had seen the Joby Gorillapod before and was jealous of the owner; it is one of my favorite products right now! I received a cute pink one to test out and quickly began playing around with it.

What is so cool about the Joby Gorillapod you may ask? Well its has flexible and wrappable legs that you can attach to almost any surface for your digital camera or mini video camera. Though I love my huge tripod at home it is quite bulky to take on the go. The Joby Gorillapod has a quick release clip so you can easily take off the camera and also has a lock for that feature as well so your camera will not fall off. The Joby Gorillapod comes in 7 different colors for your creative and personalized pleasure.


I put the Joby Gorillapod to the test; first by attaching it to my refrigerator doors with my Sony webbie since I normally do my unboxing video's in my living room (my kitchen overlooks the living room).  My webbie is pretty heavy and it stayed attached with no problems.

I then tested the Joby Gorillapod out on my family. I have to admit I am lucky to have friends and family that let me test things out on them. We took a road trip to the Jelly Belly factory and to Napa and while my husband was driving I set up the Joby Gorillapod and took a picture of us in motion. IMG_2220 

I then let my nieces take some pictures with the Joby Gorillapod on the table. Aren't they cutie pies?


The joints are designed to bend 360 degrees which means you can connect this bad boy in all types of environments and terrain. It retails for the low price of 21.95 and you can purchase it here!IMG_2234

Of course in true Nina fashion I took a cutegeeky picture of me with the Joby Gorillapod on my head! I love my Joby!!!