Review: Hyperkin Baseball Bat

 IMG_2067 When I got this Hyperkin Baseball bat set in the mail I got flashbacks of how bad I was as a child playing softball. Fortunately with my Wii Sports I rock at it and there are no balls flying towards my face (I have received a black eye from playing Lacrosse in college).

The Wii Baseball Bat with Sound Plus lets you feel and hear every swing of your baseball bat as though you were hitting home runs at AT&T ballpark (Go Giants!). The Hyperkin Wii Baseball bat is made from a soft foam material so you won't kill your TV if you loose your grip or in excitement throw your bat down running imaginary bases (I so would do that)! Below is me testing it out; I have to admit I almost felt like a baseball pro plus the sound made it believable.


Also this is made for all ages so it's great for the entire family. It retails for around 24.99 and I believe it's a great accessory for your get it cutegeekers! Below are the product specs...

  • Internal Sound Plus™
  • Soft foam material is safe, durable and fun
  • Compatible with Wii Motion Plus
  • Includes two baseball bats and two handles
  • White color