The heart – Our internal hard drive

What does your heart and your computer have in common? A hard drive.

The hard drive because it keeps all your information in one place. My internal hard drive would include ex boyfriends, new crushes, past lovers, horrid affairs and most of all future catches. Wouldn't it be easy if we could just reboot our hearts the same way we rebooted our hard drives…removing all of the damage and only staying with the good memories? A delete button would also come handy.

A hard drive can take so much that it can get the connectors screwed up – all due to what a future fling said or last night’s date. It could get the logic board all messed up – similar to how our hearts react. It gets filled with things and ideas that never occurred to you, things that were honestly once desired and are now thrown in the Regrets folder.

My heart is pretty much like a hard drive because whenever I dated someone and my expectations weren't met i simply did a backup of the experience, rebooted and started all over again. Learning from the experience is the magic of the hard drive that is my heart.

My heart gives second chances in life. Never give up on love. Like a computer’s hard drive, you have to keep rebooting and backing up so that whenever you find the right one, you can keep them there and backup any happy moments shared by their side.

Avoid opening it too much but enough to let them in enough for you to handle – remember – the space is limited. Intruders could invade…

After all a hard drive and a heart are alike because they both rely on your actions, thoughts and ideas to function. Next time you reboot and backup, either your drive or your heart think, this about what makes you happy? What should you keep there? Think long and hard because after it's lost or forgotten – those things will be gone forever.

Your happiness and your space are extremely important. How those things are satisfied and fulfilled depend on you and not on a man, despite common belief. Often times love and happiness come from within. You fill in your space with good files/memories of what makes you feel good but most importantly, what makes you feel happy in life. Although our hearts are like a hard drive, we can’t rely on rebooting it.

*I’m grateful to be apart of this group of highly talented, smart women. I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas, perspectives and opinions in tech & life. Thanks for reading my first entry – hope you enjoyed it...w/♥ O.P.B.

GeneralCecilia Daclan