Review: Hyperkin Golf Set for Wii

Sound Plus While sitting at home wondering what my day will bring I got the Hyperkin Golf set product in the mail (I think my UPS man comes to my condo more that anyone else!).  When I got them initially I was excited because the Golf set was in pink!  I love my Wii because it makes me feel like I can actually play golf, baseball or bowl.

I have to be honest I was a bit out of it when doing the unboxing and couldn't figure out how to attach my Wii control to the clubs. I finally figured it out. Check out my goofy unboxing here! Once I connected them I put on my Wii and tried them out. THEY WERE AWESOME! I loved that I could hear them hit the golf ball and how it felt like I was actually using a club. I also tried it on Wii Fit to practice my Wii swing and it was just as easy and fun to use (plus I got a work out). This is one of my favorite accessories for my Wii so far...until I try the bat that Hyperkin also sent (stay tuned for that review). I think the soft safe foam design is also perfect for kids (just don't let your dog get a hold of it, HA). Below are the product specs and pricing.IMG_2068


Product Highlights: ·         Built-in Internal Sound Device ·         Accurately simulates the sounds of a baseball bat, tennis ball or golf ball being struck ·         Motion Plus compatible ·         Patent pending technology ·         Soft, durable and safe foam design ·         Available in White, Blue and Pink ·         Available: Now ·         Suggested Retail: $19.99- 24.99