Review: Macbook Case from Applesac / Colcasac

ApplesacWhen I first got in the Applesac/ Colcasac in the mail I was confused on why would someone need a sleeve like this till I did my research and then I understood. It is made to be a functional sleeve that is created from premium heavy natural fibers (burlap) and 100% polyester sherpa fleece. Its' surface is meant to handle the rugged world while its' inside provides a scratch-free protection for your Apple's surface. It fits snugly around your MacBook and suppose to act as a theft deterrent since no one associates burlap with a portable. Interesting...but correct as I would never think of the burlap sleeve / case as having a notebook in it. IMG_2111

I busted out the package and fitted my Macbook in the Applesac/ Colcasac. Easy enough and as the product said it did fit great. The front pocket is made for your power cords or any other wires you may need. They also sent a cover for your iPhone in the same material.


 It retails for 34.95 and is a new way of carrying your Macbook or PC.IMG_2187