Dogeminder Ever wonder who took the dog out or when is the last time we fed the dog?  That actually happens allot in our household since we live in the city and have to walk the dog! Dog-e-minder sent me their product to check out for my dog, Chloe the cutegeek ChihuahuaDog-e-minder is an easy 3 button device that reminds you of when your dog needs to be walked, fed, or needs medication. When I first received the device I took out the battery to reset the Dog-e-minder.  As soon as I put the battery back in I was rockin' and rollin' (and what not!). This product is ideal especially when there are two people in charge of taking the dog out or feeding them.

Once it turned on I used the 3 buttons to put in the date, time, her name and my phone number. It was pretty simple to use and program. I then put it on Chloe's collar and once I fed her I held down the button for 3 seconds and bazinga it was programmed!  Chloe didn't even notice it was on though I think she did realize she got more attention with the  Dog-e-minder on. The Dog-e-minder comes in Pink, Red, Blue or Black and retails for $19.95 (plus 3.95 for shipping and handling)



Flava' Flav! Teehee Chloe showing off her Dog-e-minder!