Web Wednesday: A Million Fans for Megatron

Hello out there, fellow Cute geeks! I took a break last week from scouring the Web for interesting sites and the like, but back again this week. This time, I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the things spreading around the Internet like the common cold or H1N1 virus. Of course, Facebook was not one to disappoint. If you haven't seen this yet, yes, believe me - I went through the same emotions as well: surprise, suspicion, and finally, geeky acceptance. Apparently there is someone out there who is trying to garner enough support in order for his future niece/nephew to be named MEGATRON.

First there are pages about pickles, and now there are pages that seem to push the boundaries of conventional child naming. What else will pop up on Facebook? I guess there are worse names out there. At least with a name like MEGATRON, it only serves as a reminder to the many legions of Transformer fans and kids in the 80's ... or at least serves as a warning to other children on the playground.

Yup, in case you were wondering, you can take a look at the page and become a fan yourself here.

The Internet is a big place. There are so many sites to read, widgets to play with, and viral videos to watch. In the midst of all the trending topics and links being sent around, sometimes there are those little tidbits on the Internet that go unnoticed. Have something to share? Drop me a line at Shay@cutegeek.com!