Product Review: Tunebug Vibe

Tunebug Ever had a moment when you want your friends to hear a song you have on your shuffle and oh snap you don't have speakers with you?! Fear not my fellow music lovers! I recently got the Tune Bug Vibe and instantly fell in love with it's sleek design! I love any technology or kitchen appliances with brushed metal and the Tunebug Vibe has a nice small brushed metal housing case.


When I unboxed the Tunebug Vibe I was pleasantly surprised; it came with a USB charging cord! NICE! I love when you can charge your devices with USB and not have to deal with AAA or AA batteries!


After I charged and plugged it into my shuffle I tried it on different surfaces around my condo (like a huge geek). I noticed that with the larger wooden surfaces the sound was much louder than my kitchen's marble surface. I believe just like the larger speakers with the wooden casing it just sounds better acoustically on wood surfaces.  Even though the Tunebug Vibe is tiny the sound boast the quality of a larger speaker. Per my picture below you can see the speaker is definitely small (yet powerful!).


I tried it with my shuffle, my HP Glisten Smart Phone, and 3 different Notebooks one of course being a Macbook. At first I had trouble with my Macbook (I am not going to lie) however after going into the sound menu on my Macbook it worked perfectly fine. If you looking for a small yet stylish speaker for your portable devices the Tunebug Vibe is made for you!

Below are the specs and more information about the Tunebug Vibe...


Size And Weight Dimensions: 2.3”x1” (58.5mm x 25.4mm) Weight: 5.3oz. (150g) Connectivity: 3.5mm audio jack Power And Battery Battery type: LiPoly (450mAH) Playtime (5 hours) Charging cable (USB to 3.5mm)


Tunebug Vibe USB charging cable Sound Base/case 3.5mm audio cable

Price: $69.99 Website: