Product Review: Phone Leather from the Bone Collection

 Bone Leather Bone Collections sent me their Phone Leather 3GS Case for the iPhone recently. Have you ever been the last person on the planet to adapt to a gadget (which is rare for me)?! Admittedly I do not have an iPhone as I prefer to click actual buttons…crazy I know but I have shaky hands and it would take my friends days to decode my texts using an iPhone. Don't get me wrong, I think the iPhone is an AMAZING product and endorse it to everyone plus the applications are phenomenal.

Fortunately I knew someone who owned one; my great pal Mel. She invited me over to make calzones with her (yes this cutegeek can also cook); I realized this is the perfect time to test this iPhone Leather 3GS case out. She currently owns a hard case which after she took it off realized it was scratching her brand new iPhone. I opened up the box for the Phone Leather 3GS case and since it’s a simple silicon case we slipped it on in no time.


I asked her what she thought and her first test was if you could access the 3.5mm audio jack since with her hard case she has to mess with it until it finally plugs in (that would annoy me BTW). With the Bone Leather Case  it was indeed easier for her to access it. She then tested the button functionality and how the case affects her usability of the iPhone functions. They worked great...She only had one complaint and it was not a big deal but the volume switch was harder to access then with her current hard case (volume buttons worked great I might add).



All and all she liked the product and thought the leather was awesome. I also think this product is much easier to use then a hard case and more stylish for your iPhone. Also I love that this product is 100% Bio-degradable!!! Cheers to you Bone!

Below are the product specs to the Phone Leather Case for your 3GS and a picture of our yummy calzones!

  • Protect your iPhone 3GS away from dust
  • Supreme genuine leather - classical fashion
  • Leather texture for an exquisite feel
  • Includes a free screen protector
  • Washable silicone (Excluding the leather part)
  • 100% Bio-degradable Dimension Size: 66x119x15 mm Net Weight: 25.5 g