Review: CS40 Headphones

IMG_1923When I got the request to pick up some iFrogz Ear Pollution CS40's at Macworld to check to them out for cutegeek; I was excited. As you may know I punctured my ear drum by a random q-tip incident a couple weeks ago therefore I am now fascinated with the iFrogz Ear Pollution CS40's headphones. Though I love my JBL ear buds I realized it may be time to make the big switch to headphones. When I first put them on I thought to myself that these earphones feel like giant marshmallows or pillows on my ears.  I realized I look like a huge geek walking down the block but then again I am a cutegeek.  I also realized that people with headphones similar to mine give each other the eye contact high five in the city. I decided to first try them on a plane trip out of SFO. Nothing says "do not bug me at an airport" like a set of headphones and after being on a flight with a crying baby I was lucky I got these iFrogz  Ear Pollution CS40's headphones.  The sound almost canceled out the 2 babies in my row plus the sound quality is amazing. I have to be careful though because my ear is still ringing so even though my marsh mellow headphones have all the power to drown them out I had to keep it in the low.


Another ingenious thought (because I have so many...ha!); instead of ear buds the iFrogz Ear Pollution CS40's headphone set clearly states I cannot hear you while walking my dog DT San Fran (laugh if you will but I get annoyed by folks who think I can hear them when I clearly am listening to my shuffle and walking Chloe the cutegeek Chihuahua).  The iFrogz Ear Pollution CS40's headphone come in 5 colors: Pink, Bold Blue, Black, White (which is what I got), and red. They are light in weight and ultra portable as per my pixs below! They fold up pretty small which was impressive since I am use to tiny ear buds. My shuffle and I now have a mad love affair with the iFrogz Ear Pollution CS40's and also my HP Ipaq Glisten has a 3.5mm audio jack so I use them as well (I have some music on my phone).


I have only had the iFrogz Ear Pollution CS40's for about 2 weeks but so far they remain durable, portable, comfortable and stylish with the color personalization! They retail for 39.99 and can be used with any device with a 3.5 mm audio jack...Let's hope the hold up to the Nina challenge!