My Interview with MindTouch CEO Aaron Fulkerson

Aaron I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of MindTouch Aaron Fulkerson via telephone.  I was intrigued with the new MindTouch Cloud software since I watched a demo at Macworld and also interested to chat with him. His bio was pretty impressive as he started his first business when he was 9!  When I first got on the phone Aaron  jokingly stated that he had a hard stop due to his hip hop class. HA HA! Though a busy CEO he still had time to check out my bio which immediately gave him cutegeek points. MindTouch is an open source alternative to Microsoft SharePoint that was created in 2005 by Aaron and business partner Steve Bjorg. As Aaron explained some of MindTouch's clients include major companies like Microsoft, Intuit, U.S. Army, Mozilla, Intel, U.S Department of Defense, BP and Harvard (plus several more).

The main focus of my interview was the MindTouch Cloud technology especially since I had a Scansnap from Fujitsu on the way (stay tuned for my review). Through a new partnership with FujitsuMindTouch Cloud is a low cost solution to scan files to a secure and searchable Cloud platform. Aaron said the MindTouch Cloud solution is 1/10 the cost of it's competitors. I realize for some of my readers you are asking me so what is this? Per their website you can share, collaborate and access your scanned files from anywhere (if you have permissions).  In Nina lingo you can scan an item (ie: receipts, documents, or brochures) to your MindTouch email, edit it and make it searchable on your home network/ PC.  

MindTouch Cloud has made it feasible to have scanned documents edited and shared throughout the enterprise. The demo at Macworld also showed me how you can simply highlight text on the document (yes with an actual highlighter) and be able to search your home network/ PC with just the text that was highlighted. The MindTouch Cloud was created in the for the small business mindset while their original MindTouch software is made for larger business's. Plus get this if you purchase a MindTouch Cloud licence they are going to provide a FREE ScanSnap Sheet-Fed Scanner.  Register here!  Below is a screen shot of the ScanSnap menu for MindTouch Cloud.


If you are still confused about what MindTouch Cloud is and how it can make your life or business easier below is just some general information about the software per their press release.


To be fair I had some questions the PR firm gave me but I also had some of my own after seeing the demo at Macworld. One of my first questions was how easy was this product to use for the average women consumer in which Aaron replied, " My mom uses it, it's just as easy as a Wiki but with the capabilities of a Enterprise platform." Interesting...I now need to meet his mother because I am pretty sure my mom doesn't even know what Wiki is; she has yet to figure out the art of the facebook (sorry Mom!). For those who do not know what a Wiki is; per Wikipedia a wiki (pronounced /ˈwɪki/ WIK-ee) is a website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor.  They also currently have a MindTouch demo to download on their website

I then asked Aaron (this is the PR question) are more everyday people using MindTouch Cloud computing-based applications today than ever before? Aaron's response was pretty straight forward as he stated that Cloud has taken off in small businesses and individual users especially since its so easy to use (again also because it's an inexpensive solution compared to similiar products on the market).  He also stated that this is a perfect solution for small businesses as more and more companies are operating under "lite" IT budgets.

After interviewing Aaron I was not only impressed with MindTouch Cloud and fabulous personality (you guys hiring for an admin in the Bay area? LOL!) but I can't wait to try out his product!  I want to see how easy is it to use and try searching for documents. Stay tuned for my review of the Fujitsu Scansnap S1300.