MacWorld Recap- Part II

IMG_1918IMG_1919 By mid-day I realized I should have ate; dumn mistake and should have known that from previous E3's and CES's.  Admittedly I was a tad grumpy however I was not ready for this.  At every show as a women blogger some dude is going to either think we don't know our products (women make up over 60% of household decision making) or they are just sexest. I ran into one of those booths that will remain un-named. It's sad that women in technology still get treated this way.

After that bad taste in my mouth I decided I should visit a fun booth; ie Hard Candy...Surely these folks would be sweeter; I mean the word candy is in the product name! When I walked up to Hard Candy Cases I got a big smile on my face; the booth was  ran by all women at the time! Their product line was bold but durable; everything a women now-a-days needs!  These cases do not scratch and if they by chance do it's an easy buff out. They also had cases for the iPad and showcased a new all rubber case for Macbooks which felt kind cool. I am looking forward to checking out  Hard Candy's Cases  and how these will work with my Macbook.


My next meeting was with Iqua; a Finnish communications company that specializes in bluetooth headsets and portable speaker phones plus some are solar powered. How cool is that? How many times have you lost a call because you forgot to charge your bluetooth? One my favorites from this booth was the Iqua 603 Sun which was not only light in weight plus solar powered but the price point was impressive.  Iqua took being "Green" to the next level as they also showcased several other solared powered products as well.



As I started walking around looking for other booths I wanted to check out I saw the Blue booth; USB powered microphones with studio quality. I know...WHAT?!  Truth be told I use to be a singer as a kid and in my house in Texas I had a music room. If it's not obvious I love music! I checked out the Yeti and talk about a beautiful microphone; I have to test it out...How can something that looks so good perform so well with a USB?!Yeti


I then got a demo of the Mikey; a microphone for your iPhone.  Every time I go to a concert and attempt to record just one song of proof that I was indeed there it turns out like crap. Blue's Mikey attaches easily as a plug and play unit to your iPhone and the sound quality is amazing.


Another booth that had allot of attention to a point that I could not get a personal demo was Macspeech. Part of me wonders; have we truly gotten to a point where our society is so lazy we cannot even type? Apparently with Macspeech you can use your voice to input text; rather than clicking your mouse and just speak commands. Interesting...I actually want to test this out and possibly after a glass of wine at night to see if the slur impacts the text (for the art of testing products right?).


While constantly on my feet at Macworld (at which now hurt), I HAD to stop by the Monster booth. I love Dr. Dre the branding of Beat'sand now they had Lady Gaga earbuds; who would pass up that demo?! I tried out Dr. Dre's Beats Spin headphone at the beginning (after all the first Rap song I learned in entirety was "It's like Dis and like Dat."). First off the headphones come with a brief pause button on the headphones and the cable can disconnect from the headphones.  At this point I learned why you need to have a cable that can disconnect to your headphones. Apparently most people will brake a perfectly great pair of headphones by clumsy mistakes, like the cable catches. I learned it is much easier to replace the cable since it's inexpensive versus buying all new headphones.

Lady Gaga

I then checked out the Lady Gaga Heartbeats earbuds (which I am testing in the first picture); I have to say she did a good job on the design.  I loved that she did not want pink instead a bold red hue. Lady Gaga you're so right; there are enough products out there that are pink for women but bold colors and styles not so much. The design of these Heartbeatsare versitle (like her audience) and strong!

After Monster I went to the Mophie Booth where I found my one of my favorite products; the Mophie Marketplace. The Mophie Marketplace is a magnetic strip reader for your iPhone 3G and 3GS. At first I thought whoa I am in trouble if I get one of those and secondly how does this product work (or does it really work)? I waited my turn for a demo and sure enough this product works and it's a winner. This is a HUGE score for small business owners; not even my corner store (which annoys me) takes credit cards. Mophie Marketplace was one of the most impressive gadgets for your iPhone.


On my Macworld booth trajectory I found another booth for headphones from Shure. I think I have a small problem with head gear; or maybe just headphones.  We recently got a turn table (stay tuned for a review) and am fascinated with headphones (even though it's just one turn table and I have a whole 5 records plus its not really for true DJs...just the inner DJ in the Nina). I loved these Shure headphones and yes I did blast them to the MAX! I should be getting a pair of these to test out my inner DJ and will be posting a review shortly as well:-).


My next stop was something I typically would not stop by however my curiosity got the best of me. It was the Trik/Eleven booth and apparently Eleven says its wireless technology is better than the bluetooth solution for music. I am interested to test out this technology though to be fair I have no idea how they created this alternative solution from bluetooth.

My last stop was at the Telltale gaming booth which creates games for Mac users. I do have a Macbook but I rarely use it as I still can't let go of my Dell (solely b/c it has all my photo's/ videos and NOT because it's the best). After playing Tales from Monkey Island I realized it is time to maybe put all my videos/ pictures on a WD portable HD and bust out my Macbook. The PR manager (Chris) I met was probably one of the most enthusiastic person I met; he truly believed and loved his product (are you guys hiring?!). I probably sat in this booth the longest playing Tales from Monkey Island; the game truly captivates you and you do not want to end the game. Tales from Monkey Island was almost like a gaming soap opera; it's the only way I can describe it. I actually got a free test drive but apparently I messed it up while trying to download it. Sigh! I am hooked now though...


Well this finally wraps up my Macworld experience! I hope you enjoyed my recap and try out some of these new and innovative products!