Review: I am cheating on my PS3 with my new Wii

wii-hardwareI am quite the loyal gal; in fact it took me years to bow down to HP products after bleeding the Dell blue  for so long.  My first gaming system back in the 80's was the first Nintendo (yeah I saved the princess in Mario brother's, ran my ass off on Track and Field, and vastly improved my shooting aim from Duck hunt).  I had played  Wii Sports  a year ago plus again at my cousins place recently and for the first time ever I got over 150 on bowling (now I am up to 200), kicked booty on virtual tennis and can box anyone out of my virtual boxing ring. After realizing I rock at the game I made it a goal to get it at some point.  After 1.5 years of owning a PS3 I got a Wii as a second gaming console. It has become quite the addiction.


In fact I got a the Wii console (retail around 199.00) with the Wii sports, Wii Play and Wii fit plus

I know...I know...a little late to be posting about a Wii but I realize that some folks are like me and just owned one but itched for another gaming console.


 As most of you know the Wii console comes with the Wii console, one Wii Remote Controller, One Nun-chuck, Wii Sports, Sensor Bar, Standard Composite Cable, and Power Cord. We also bought the second nun-chuck where is the fun in playing by yourself? 


 Wii fit plus comes packaged with the Wii Balance Board accessory. You can choose for several different types of work outs for instance yoga, aerobic, strength, balance games, and training. Within those categories you can choose from a variety of different work outs like Kung Fu, skateboarding, running (my favorite), hula hoop and many more. At first I tried to trick it and half way do the work outs. It truly can tell when you aren't doing it right or not going as fast. For 45mins of Wii fit plus I burned a little over 200 calories so I am not sure this will be daily thing but if I ever don't want to leave my condo (usually because its raining) but need a work out this game is for me. The retail is is around 99.00.



Lastly we also got Wii Play which has a shooting gallery and Mii-matching game, billiards, air hockey, tank battles, table tennis rally, Mii poses and a cow-riding race. One has to wonder if you ever need to leave this house. I haven't played much with Wii Play as I got bored pretty quickly.  I'll just stick with my Wii sports and Wii fit plus.