MacWorld Recap- Part I

 IMG_1872This year was my first year at Macworld  as a cutegeek blogger and of course Apple didn't even have a booth...however that didn't stop the masses to attend the show. When I first told my friends I was going I got the immediate question; "Why are you going since Apple won't be there?" Another friend sarcastically said "What is MacWorld without Apple...just World?" I had no idea what to expect after all my pals banter...What was MacWorld without Apple?  And where is Mr. Job's? My questions were answered as soon as I walked into the masses...Software, Games, and Accessories! IMG_1874

Anytime you walk into these shows it's sensory overload. Each booth trying to be louder or more hip to the competing booths. What was I thinking trying to accomplish 6 meetings plus 10 booth visits in one day?!  As I walked into the Moscone Convention Center I saw the long lines and thought "Damn I am so smooth for registering early and picking up my badge early," and breezed on past all those suckers.

My first meeting was with Atlona Technologies  where I met with Marketing Manager, Joshua (don't we look great in this photo?).


 Atlona  is a Silicon Valley company that provides solutions typically missing in most AV systems and their product line consists of switchers, cabling, extenders, converters, and spliters/amplifyers. The product I checked out and thought was the coolest was the HDAiR which is based on UWB technology that allows users to extend high resolution content up to 30ft away. The HDAir acts as an external video card, which allows you to connect to VGA or HDMI monitors and HD TVs. The HDAir also has dual video (HDMI and VGA) and dual Audio (HDMI-Audio and 1/4" mini stereo) outputs.  I hope to test this out in the near future though sadly my condo is not 30 feet wide/long.IMG_1876

Next I saw this AWESOME booth by efilliate/Bone which specilizes in an assortment of Mac accessories that I thought were perfect for Mac users and females. The item that caught my eye was the Bone collection flash drives that were encased in a soft one-piece removable water-resistant silicone shell shaped like either cute animals, doggy bones, mammals, or I believe dinosaurs. What I found interesting is that even though they were a fashionable USB key/ flash drive they remain durable per the PR manager. Apparently you do not have to worry about these breaking regardless of how frequently they are used. Aren't they so cute?!


 After that I went to iFrogz  to pick up some CS40s head phones to test out for cutegeek (stay tuned for a review). iFrogz specializes in Apple iPod™, MP3 player, and digital media accessories. I use to be an earbuds girl till I accidentially punctured my ear drum so I was ready to embrace trying out some headphones. I loved that all the styles came in different colors plus a cord that I have yet to tangle...yet that is. I also tested out some other iFrogz  styles of headphones at the booth and decided I liked the DJ Style headphones the best (the inner hip hop girl in me).


My next stop was Western Digital where I met a female executive who knew her stuff about external portable storage and backing up your Macs/ PCs. I just love it when I run into fellow female geeks (stay tuned for a Brilliant Women of Technology interview). She explained all the external portable storage products after which I decided I liked the bold blue Passport Elite the best. The Passport Elite is a ultra-portable drive and features automatic, continuous backup, an illuminated capacity gauge, and a USB dock. You can also get cases for these so they remain shock proof but not in as many colors.  I also thought the Passport Essential  was awesome with 1 TB of storage; while I have no idea if I could find a TB worth of files having the option is nice.


She next showed me the WD TV Live HD Media Player that allows you to connect to sites like YouTube, Flickr, Live365 or stream content from your home network which you can then view on the HD TV.  The WD TV Live HD  Media Player also has full-HD 1080p video playback and navigation, can play a variety of file formats, access media files on your home network, and its WiFi ready. I was intrigued by this product and hope to test it out in the near future.


Two products that caught my eye especially after working from home was made from Fujitsu.  They had 2 scanners they demo'd for me one portable (ScanSnap s1300) and one for your desktop (ScanSnap S1500M). I have been under the belief a scanner is a scanner; anytime you make a copy of anything their is always room for error (hence why I will never be cloned). HOWEVER these little scanners from Fujitsu actually may have solved one of my biggest pet peeves of scanning; the crocked scan. As I watched the demo I was amazed; you can put the page or receipts in the scanner at any direction and it auto formats it to the correct page setup (landscape or portrait) and makes it completely straight.


The most amusing part of the show was of course the Q&A with Kevin Smith; he was hilarious BUT I think some of the questions were even more outragious. For an hour he got hit on by 2 gay guys and this girl asked for a hug (see youtube here)...Strangely not much was said about technology besides the fact that anyone can now make/edit films due to the vast array of inexpensive recording technology and social media. Unfortunately I had to leave early to make it to my next meeting but when I was walking out I noticed the room was jam packed!


After laughing my ass off at Kevin Smith's Q&A I had a meeting with HP. I know most people are wondering...HUH? HP at MacWorld but indeed their printing and imaging department was in full effect and showcasing some new printers along with 6 new HP applications that you can use on your iphone. I met with another female executive who I also hope to interview for Brilliant Women in Technology.  


The printer that stood out to me was for the Officejet 4500 Wireless AIO  and priced inexpensively (in this economy we all need it). It can print anything from broshures to pictures plus it scans and fax plus it prints borderless.  I am anxious to test this out as I have reviewed a few HP printers and have never been disapointed.


Well this wraps up the first part of my day so stay tuned for Macworld Recap- Part 2 and also more product reviews from cutegeek!